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Hi I'm Maya. I was once an art school student but now I'm not, I work at Starbucks where I make lattes for the latte-less. I guess I'm part Disney blog, part animation blog, mostly whatever the fuck I want blog. Occasionally I post my art and cosplay also (if I'm feeling motivated enough to actually get something done)
Life flash before your eyes gif challenge
I’m super bored so lets do this!
You’re dying the 3rd gif is how you die:

(crashing into Fakir? …ok)

The 6th gif is the person you would have married:

(oh jeez)

The 10th gif sums up your marriage:

(D: )

The 15th gif is your first child:

(AW yay)

The 12th gif is your second child:

(I have Disney children and they’re cute)

The 18th gif is the relationship you have with your children:

(I guess we don’t understand each other)

The 21st gif is your reaction to your second child becoming a rebel:

(Flynn’s reaction? XD)

The 30th gif is you at your first child’s wedding:

(omg XD)

The 24th gif is your reaction to bailing your rebel child out of jail:

The 34th gif is your reaction to your partner’s infidelities:

(OMG ._. )

The 32nd gif is your reaction to finding out you’re pregnant(if you are a girl, but if you’re a boy you find out your wife is pregnant):

(actually probably pretty accurate)

The 39th gif is your reaction when you miscarry:

The 43rd gif is your reaction when your partner wants you back:


The 46th gif is you on your way to your death:


The 50th gif is your partner’s reaction to your death:

(oh come on)

The 58th gif is your first child’s reaction:


The 49th gif is your rebel child’s reaction:

(why does everyone hate me?)

Now you come back from the flash-forward. The 52nd gif, if a good reaction, means you live, if bad/sad, you die:

(so I guess…I went into a coma? O_o) 


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